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Blog Coming Soon!


Well, in the midst of building of my blog, a move came along. The physical, pack up your house and move to your new home kind of move!  All hands were on deck!  ALL 16! Well, that would be 32 hands to be exact! My whole family showed up! Oh, I love my family! See, that’s how we roll. When one of the sisters is in need, the other two and their crew come running. We could NOT have made this move without them! It was BAD! Packing up a full 5400 sq ft house and shoving it into a 3600 sq ft house was no small feat! So, now I sit in a sea of boxes and my precious two sisters and my superhero Dad and Nana as well, have all gone home. I guess I shall start unpacking. One box at a time.

Please come back soon. I hope to get this house set up quickly so normal life can resume. I want so badly to complete my blog design and start this exciting journey of journaling our upside down crazy wonderful life!