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Our Finley….an update.

Here is a picture of our Finley McAllister!

Our Finley

Oh, that baby melts this mama’s heart!! As I previously mentioned he’s quite the mama’s boy and that is A OK with me.  He is the baby for sure.  The caboose of four boys, what could you expect.  This little boy’s days have been recently filled with doctor’s appointments as many of you know.  Two weeks ago we had a cardio scare with him and we are able to report that this boy has a healthy heart!! YAHOO!  We still were left undiagnosed at this point and brought our sick little boy home with a referral to an immunologist in Jackson the following week.

{Pause, Insert good news}

In the meantime last weekend was wonderful!!!  The boys and I headed to Brookhaven for the weekend to celebrate our sweet little Hayes’, (my precious nephew) birthday.  While we were there I was able to squeeze in some Art marketing time.  I ran to Natchez Saturday morning and showed my work to Amber & Ashley of A Gallerie.  They have a new home décor store and feature the artwork of a couple of Southern Artists.  After talking at great lengths and enjoying a much needed visit with two of my dearest friends, JoAnn Waycaster and Sarah Russ…..

The Girls

Amber & Ashley placed their large order!!! Holy Cheesecracker Crap!! Did that just really happen? OH. MY. GOSH. “It has happened I thought to myself.”   A lifetime of dreams had just come true! I was selling my art!  So, I hugged the girls {and precious Chandler Russ, our photographer} goodbye and hurried back to Brookhaven for sweet man’s Birthday Party.  Well, the day before I had contacted the owner of an awesome gift shoppe in Brookhaven and she told me her weekend was crazy busy but she really wanted to run by and see my work.  So, after the party I called her and she said, “let me run by and look real quick and then we will talk Monday.”  GREAT!! So, she came by my sister’s house and took a look at my work and by the time she left she placed a huge order too!!! {CARTWHEELS!} Let’s just say my feet are still not on the ground.  I am completely OVER THE MOON excited about my art being offered for sale in these two ahhhh-mazing shoppes!!!

{back to my precious sick baby}

Well, the weekend didn’t end there.  Lee, {my Prince Charming} and I had been talking about getting Finley a puppy and found one in Brookhaven of all places.  I know for the past two years Finley has been begging us for a puppy but I just could not commit to having something else that would need me.  You know, something else to keep alive.  But when your baby is REALLY sick you overlook the hard parts and just go with your heart.  So, we did it! We got him a puppy.

Finley and Ty

{Please meet Ty, yes boy number 5!}

When I gave the boys the surprise {eyes closed, SURPRISE!}, you would not believe Finley’s reaction.  Y’all, that baby sobbed.  I mean, shed tears! He thanked me over and over and told me how very much he loved me and his new puppy.  It honestly beats any “PRICELESS” commercial I have ever seen.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I re-watch the video (thank The Lord my precious sister videoed the moment to send to dad back at home).  Everything is going GREAT with our new pup. Finley is one happy lil’ boy!

{ok, now the bad news}

Following our visit to Dr. Braden for the cardio workup, he referred us to Dr. Haltom, an immunologist in Jackson.  I was so anxious to go see him and have him tell us this was all allergy related and hopefully he would eventually grow out of it, but sadly that was the not the news we received.  We drove home with a list of 4 possible diseases it could be.  Let me just say the list is so ugly, I could not {and still can’t} wrap my brain around it!  So here is the list in order of ruling out.

1.) Carcinoid

2.)  Mast Cell Activation

3.)  Vasointestinal Polypeptide Tumors

4.)  Medullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid

I assume with a list that full of ugly long words you have probably guessed it.  Yep, CANCER!  Three of the four are rare types of Cancer and the Mast Cell is a disorder/syndrome.  DENIAL is putting it very MILDLY.  I am pretty much numb I guess you could say.  I am not going to go into further detail at this point because I am refusing to acknowledge this horrible word until someone sees it and tells me.  In my mind we are still looking at something harmless that he will out grow.  I may be acting naive, but for the sake of my mental status and protection of my heart, I will just go with this until otherwise informed.  We go Tuesday to see Dr. Leavengood.  He is the immunologist located here on the Coast.  Dr. Haltom felt it necessary to put together a team of Physicians (thinkers as I like to call them) to hopefully put their heads together and get a diagnosis quickly.  Currently our awesome team consists of Dr. Haltom, Dr. Leavengood, Dr. Neal (my precious husband), Dr. Sigurnjak and possibly adding Dr. Liberman, a nationally recognized immunologist at the University of Tennessee.  I have full confidence in this awesome group of docs and complete faith that God will lead them to the answer.

What’s next?  Today we are completing a second 24hr urine.  Tomorrow we go for extensive lab work. Tuesday Dr. Leavengood and Thursday an abdominal ultrasound and anything else Dr. Leavengood may add.  As you can imagine Finley is missing A LOT of school.  I met with his teachers Friday morning, and let’s just say God knew exactly who to place Finley with this year.  Mrs. Rachel Deroche and Sara Finn are nothing short of Angels!  First of all they love our Finley to pieces.  They both are staying in close contact with me every step of the way.   I was assured Friday to not give school a second thought.  At this point Finley is making straight A’s and they told me they were both going to do whatever necessary to keep him on track.  Even coming to our house if needed.  You have no idea what pressure is lifted from me knowing that school is ok for now.

Finley Beach

I will go for now.  I am asking once again for prayers for our Finley and our family.  Mom and Dad need strength and hope.  Brothers need understanding.  Finley needs strength, patience and healing.  I will hopefully be able to post again Tuesday  after seeing Dr. Leavengood with encouraging news.  Until then, thank you in advance to all of you who love our family and will be praying for us.

Here is an old song that has walked me through many a trials before and I am claiming it once again now.   Please take a second to listen.

{Jeremy Camp-Walk by Faith}

Cherish your day- g