Christmas 2012Well, Hi there!

My name is Gretchen Neal, and as you can see in the picture above I am blessed beyond measure with all of these guys to love!  This is a true snapshot of my heart.  My husband Lee is my true soul mate.  I know God made him just for me! Those four handsome miracles of life are our boys.  Growing so much faster than my heart can bear.  Harris, the oldest,  is entering his second year of college. Reid is in 10th grade followed by Fitz in 6th.  And bringing up the rear is Finley who is in 4h grade.

I live as far south in Mississippi as you can get.  Well, maybe not ON the beach, but certainly less than a mile from it.  I’ve lived in the great state of Mississippi all of my life, and love every aspect of being a Southerner.    As with most Southern women I am no different when it comes to talking.  If you hang around I am certain you will know way more about me than you expected.

I have lots of visions for my blog, and anticipate with great excitement watching it develop.  On the Patina House side of things you will find post about my faith, family, food, hope, dreams, encouragement and lots of incredible DIY projects.  On the Patina Studio side, I will be featuring my latest mixed media pieces of art.  I hope the studio will be offering online art classes eventually.

So, please subscribe and be notified when new posts appear.  I promise you will not want to miss one.

Thank so much for stopping by and I hope to chat again with you in the near future!