The belated post

Well last week was one in the books for me.  What I considered my first REAL post with the Family Command Center.  I was busting at the seams to link to as many linky parties as I could find, however I had a major glitch in my permalink that has prevented me from posting a new post for a week now.  Actually over a week EEEEEK!  But with all kinks worked out, (fingers crossed) I hope I will be on my way to regularly scheduled post for MW&F.

As you know I live on the beaches of Mississippi, and about a week and a half ago the temps dropped slightly enough to get me in the mood for fall.  Well, that didn’t last long.  Back up to 95 we go again and that crush I was having on Fall has simply gone to the wayside.  So what’s a girl who is burning up and yearning to feel Fall to do?  Go look at Fall inspiration on Pinterest! I have chosen several pics filled with ideas that I just may have to try my hand at to get this home looking like Fall.  Here are several of my favs.  I hope you are inspired as well and enjoy.

Cherish your day-g

 Fall inspiration collage


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