What a week

Oh my sweet little new blog I haven’t forgotten you.  I have had a strange week.  Well, two weeks I would say.  Last week as you know I was mentally over worked.  The fear of a heart condition was too much on this mama.  I just told my older sister about an hour ago, ” I swear all of this with Finley’s health took 10 years off my life last week.”  I mean it.  That is the first time in my life I have ever felt fear on that level.  And ya know what, there was nothing I could do to “fix” the physical situation.  But there were prayers going up by the dozens.


Wednesday, before the appointment on Thursday, was completely excruciating.  I just knew that tomorrow was going to bring the most horrible diagnosis this heart of mine could bear.  I was dreading sunset because I new the dawn would quickly come on a day I would just rather skip all together.  I cried a lot of tears on Wednesday and when I got to parent pick up to get Fitz he immediately asked me what was wrong.  I explained to him our concerns about Finley’s heart and that I truly couldn’t bear to face what may lie ahead.  Yall!! I am not kidding you.  This is what came from the mouth of my precious 11 year old.  “Mom, now you stop crying.  You KNOW God’s got this! Whatever it is, it is going to be ok. If God is ready for Finley to come to heaven then He will give us the strength we need to go through this.  I don’t think He is going to take him but I promise you God will Hold us.  He is holding Finley right now.  He is holding all of us mama and it’s going to be ok.  Give me your phone mom.  I am going to call Klove (the only radio station we listen to.  If you have never heard of it PLEASE go now and stream it!! It is life changing radio) and ask them to play Hold me Jesus for you.”   Wow!! I could not believe the words my ears had heard from the mouth of my baby.  He said it with such confidence.  Such Faith!!! It made my heart smile for many, many reasons.

{Please listen to this beautiful song}

 Hold Me Jesus, Big Daddy Weave

Early Thursday morning came quickly.  We dressed and headed for Jackson and I was feeling a little bit anxious.  About an hour into the drive I was suddenly overwhelmed with the most amazing feeling of Peace. I quickly texted my two sisters and told them I felt the power of prayer.  I felt God with me!  Carly, my youngest sister replied that at that very moment she received the text she was already deep into prayer for Finley and us.  I truly felt the prayers of all.  Then right after talking with them about feeling the most amazing peace and God’s presence, this song came over my radio.  It was perfect timing.  God’s perfect timing.

 {oh, please listen to this one too!}

He is with us, Love and the Outcome

So, we made the appointment and as many of you already know, his heart is HEALTHY!! Praise God! The next step is waiting for multiple lab results and an appointment Tuesday back in Jackson with an allergy specialist.  We are trying to rule out an adrenal gland tumor and looking at Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Both are rare but being considered.  I will let you know what we find out.


Jennifer McCully

I leave you with a heartfelt THANK YOU!  Thank you for the prayers and outreach of comments, texts and phone calls.  Please continue to pray for a treatable diagnosis.  Have an awesome weekend!!!

Cherish your day-g

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  1. Pam Moreland September 27, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    Love you Gretchen and praying for sweet Finley!

  2. Lauren@SimplyLKJ September 28, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Praise God for such wonderful news. Continue to pray for answers. Amazing how God uses even the little ones to remind us of our faith and His love. Your 11 year old is an amazing boy!

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